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We went on safari with you in May 2010. We had the most wonderful time! I keep telling everyone about how beautiful it was and what an amazing guide you are. I was interviewed by Jetsetter too, and told them about the luxurious places we stayed and the animals we got to see. Most importantly I told them how incredibly lucky we were to have found you and My Serengeti Safari. You truly did make our holiday so special. (They haven't posted that up yet, but I will let you know when they do.)

We may be able to plan another holiday to Tanzania this year for a week and I would like to use My Serengeti Safari again. No other trip we have taken, has been as magical as the one we took to Tanzania.

Thank you!

Sharon Raoli and Jim Kostowicz - USA
May 2010


Our trip in Tanzania with your team was a famous and unforgettable, it was amazing to see all the big five, in only 5 days that we had together... I have to say that your ability and know how as a Guide is exceptional.

We are still with good memories of that trip and in the future, we hope to be able to experience another one.

Wish you all the best...

June and Arnaud


I just wanted you to know that Joseph was absolutely fabulous during my recent trip to Tanzania. He is an excellent and highly knowledgeable guide and good company as well. This was very important as there were just the two of us on the safari.

As you may be aware, due to an illness at home I had to curtail my safari and return to Paris earlier than planned. Joseph literally moved heaven and earth to help me deal with this emergency. It turned out that I had to pay for the ticket change in Arusha in cash in order to make the flight - we were in the middle of the Serengeti at the time and would have had difficulty in getting back before the ticket office closed. Joseph arranged for a friend to pay for the ticket in cash and we picked it up from him on our way to the airport. I paid Joseph for the funds expended by wire transfer once back in Paris.

Joseph's service was truly above and beyond the call of duty and is greatly appreciated. I am sure you are aware of how valuable a person Joseph is, but I thought it appropriate to tell you how much I appreciate all he did for me both during the safari itself and when my emergency arose.

Best regards,
John Egan


Our safari was wonderful and that you were an outstanding guide. Your knowledge of the fauna, foliage, geology, anthropology, history etc was exceptional. You had detailed knowledge on all aspects, and I would be happy to endorse you whenever asked. You also have a most appealing personality, allowing the tourists like me to be totally relaxed at all times (except on that steep ascent from the Ngorongoro crater floor!!!) And you are not so bad at repairing flat tires either.

Name withheld per request


I was impressed by his attention and knowledge about not only the safari animals and the Serengeti, but also the African continent as a whole.  We toured every aspect of the national parks and I had every opportunity to take pictures and observe until I was ready to proceed.  This patience and willingness to provide a quality service allowed me the opportunity to fulfill a long-term dream and create memories of a lifetime.  I recommend him (My Serengeti Safari) to all of my friends interested in the safari experience!

Name withheld per request


In March of 2007 I spent 5 days touring the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti with Joseph Bumi as my guide. This was not my first safari, but it was, by far, my best. Joseph was exceptional in so many way. He knew the area well and had the wisdom and experience to bring us close to every variety of wildlife, including many close encounters with lions and a few with leopards. A rare sighting, but a great experience, was the rhinoceros. So few remain and it was a treat to see that in the wild. Apart from his skill, Joseph has a most pleasant personality which allows his guests to relax with confidence that they are in good hands.

Regards, William H Goodridge. Newfoundland, Canada


Me & my friends had a 5 days safari ride with Joseph during October 2005
It was amazing and we enjoyed it a lot.  Joseph is a great company to be with, trustable, knowledgeable and a good driver. The food and logistics were good and so was the price.
Highly recommended!

Alon Hevrony, Israel


My family and I went on a 1 week safari in Tanzania with Bumi as our guide and driver. I have traveled extensively and it was the best trip that I have been on. Bumi was fantastic at finding animals in the most unexpected places, where I am sure most people would have driven by without noticing. He was extremely friendly and patient, taking the time to make sure we got the photos we wanted and answering our many questions. We always felt safe, secure and well taken care of, whether it was bouncing across the Serengeti in the truck, lying in our tent or staying in luxurious lodges. Bumi was able to cater the itinerary to where we wanted to go and was able to stay within our budget. He was even able to arrange for meals that were suitable for my vegan sister.

Name withheld per request


We were able to visit many beautiful areas, including the Ngorongoro Crater. We also saw all of the animals on our must see list, including a cheetah, a leopard, a rhino, lots of hippos, giraffes and elephants and a couple of spectacular lion hunts. I am hoping to take my wife and son on their first trip to Africa in a few years and I will be contacting Bumi at in order to arrange everything. Thanks for a wonderful trip Bumi!

Name withheld per request


It's great reading your mail. First let me wish you good luck and a lot of success.
When I saw your mail I remembered our trip - it was in September 2004 - we were to couples from Israel (Tali, Chen, Uri and Sagit) and we went to the Serengeti - in one day we had a lot of rain and when we wanted to go to our camp we went of the road which was full with water and than the jeep got stuck. We tried to pull it with no success and than you - Joseph - and the cook (Festo??) went by foot in the rain to the nearest rangers camp to get help - we stayed at the car seeing lions in the distance and we were sure you will be eaten in the way. Of course in the end you got help (and also caught a cold) and we said that you should call your company "THE REAL REAL ADVENTURE SAFARI" - when thinking about it today we still laugh about it - you definitely gave us great memories.
We wish you all the luck there is in your new company.”
Sincerely yours

Tali & Chen Buber


In September 05  I accompanied  charity group to Tanzania, the men climbed Kili and the organizer and I went on safari as we both have knee problems.

Joseph was very well organized and very attentive without being over familiar and his sense of humor was great.   Val and I really enjoyed his company.  When he said he would be there at a certain time he was - something we Brits obsess about!

Since returning to the UK, if my company has any trekkers for Kilimajaro, which admittedly is not a lot, I contact Joseph and he arranges everything for me.   It is great to have someone in a country that you know you can trust.
We are working with a school and they will be visiting Tanzania in June 2008 and I have no hesitation in employing Joseph to look after them on trek, whilst working on a project, on safari and bus to Zanzibar.

Dianna West


It’s been almost 3 years now, but our African adventures in Tanzania with Joseph is a memory we won't forget!

5 days of roaming the endless plains of the Serengeti, going to bottom of Ngorongoro caldera and a visiting the shores of Lake Manyara as well - all of those with the very helpful guidance of Joseph, who also helped us taking care of flight tickets to Zanzibar and accommodation there.
Orly and Erez Huberman (Baram)

Ramat-Gan, Israel


We spent a week on Safari in 2006 starting in Arusha and departing by small plane from the northern Serengeti. We had an amazing time seeing all of the animals that Tanzania has on offer (including the “Big Five”!!), the amazing scenery (especially the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater) and the people of Tanzania, especially our guide and drive – Joseph, who was so friendly, spoke very good English, was punctual and very knowledgeable on the different animals, where to find them and how they behaved.

During our stay the weather was not the best, catching the tail end of the rainy season. This bought with it opportunities to see the many animals in a different light and the scenery that was so much “greener” than what we expected. This also bought with it challenges – mainly that of getting our vehicle stuck in the dirt roads and tracks of the safari parks. Lucky for us, Joseph – our guide and driver, managed to never get stuck (other tourists weren’t so lucky loosing hours at a time digging their vehicles out of patches of mud). 

Looking back now, having a good guide really can make a safari holiday. In this respect we found Joseph to be excellent and have no hesitation recommending him to others.

Matthew Skilton
New Zealand


Our trip in Tanzania with your team was a famous and unforgettable, it was amazing to see all the big five, in only 5 days that we had together... I have to precise that your ability and know how as a Guide is exceptional.  We are still with good memories of that trip and in the future, we hope to be able to experience another one.
Wish you all the best.

Name witheld on request


My safari experience with Joseph went far beyond my expectations. Originally, I was overwhelmed booking a safari: so many companies, so many packages and so many scary stories about unprofessional and unpleasant guides just looking to take your money.  Joseph was none of these things.  He was an animated guide with a great sense of humor and professionalism.  It didn't take long for us to feel at ease with our safari choice and with Joseph as our guide. His knowledge of and passion for wildlife is truly impressive.  He went above and beyond to make our experience a memorable one.  Seeing wildlife on safari is a thrilling experience. Accompany that experience with a skilled, personable guide and you will have memories that last far beyond your photographs.

I would recommend My Serengeti Safari & Joseph Bumi to anyone looking for a complete and fulfilling African Safari adventure!

Alexis MacNicol
Toronto, Canada


The trip we took with Joseph was unbelievable.    My wife and I didn't know what to expect as we traveled to Tanzania.  We put our full blind trust in Joseph.  Our journey was first class and absolutely awesome!  We have never been treated so well in our lives.  Joseph is what every guide should be, he is extremely helpful but also a friend.  The experience was once in a lifetime.  We saw every animal we could have wished to see in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara.  The pictures we took now decorate our home.  This was the best trip we have ever taken without a doubt.

The next time we come to Tanzania we will definitely go through your company.  Thanks again for the great time.
Take care and keep in touch.

Brian Trivette
Kansas City, Missouri (USA

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